CECIA is working with LAFITTE on the application of prevention measures at its factory in Montaut (Landes)

L‘enjeu du projet

Maison LAFITTE,which specialises in the slaughter and processing of fatty ducks has built a reputation for the production of traditional foie gras. It relied on the teams at CECIA to update its historic production site in Montaut to the latest norms and safety rules. The firm needed to respect the latest food production rules in the poultry sector, linked in particular to the bird flu outbreak, which led to new norms being imposed.

Notre réponse

The design team at CECIA worked with its client to come up with a tailor-made solution to satisfy all the requirements taking everything into account from the outset. It took the CECIA work teams five months to erect this project. This was a particularly short time frame to meet the new rules quickly. The modifications involved three areas, starting with the reorganisation of the movement of trucks with the creation of separate road access and the installation of signs, with the aim of separating arrivals and departures. At the same time, an innovative truck washing station was created with in particular the installation of wheel dips and disinfection gateways. Finally, worked was carried out on food safety requirements with the creation of a large extension to the animal reception area and cage washing room. The latter was closely studied by the CECIA teams in conjunction with an equipment specialist to achieve standards in excess of the current norms. Because this washing equipment uses a lot of energy, a lot of thought was given to heat recovery from the existing refrigeration systems.

Particularités techniques

  • Type de bâtiment

    Agri-food factory
  • Localisation

    Montaut (40)
  • Etat du projet

  • Date de livraison

  • Délai de construction

  • Surface construite (en m2)



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