15 November 2019

The IDEC GROUP is a partner for the event organised by Rungis International Market being organised for the first time at the Grand Palais in Paris to highlight healthy eating. This partnership confirms the commitment shown by the IDEC GROUP to the Rungis Market and more generally to those in the food sector as they build their construction and industrial projects. You can see our teams at stand n°24.

An exceptional event

Rungis Market is the world’s largest market for fresh produce and for the first time will be moving to the Grand Palais in the heart of Paris for an exceptional event. This event aims to showcase world renowned French gastronomy for professional and private individuals for three days with professionals from the food sector. Several shows and special events are planned to support healthy eating, transparency and local producers.

The IDEC GROUP partner for the event

The IDEC GROUP is a partner for this exceptional event and looking forward to meeting visitors on stand n°24. This partnership makes a lot of sense with all the work done by the Group within the market at Rungis. With an agency based at its heart and around twenty property projects carried out (logistics, processing, production,…), the IDEC GROUP underlines the importance of this international market ensuring healthy French eating.

The reference in the field of property projects for those involved in the food sector

Going beyond their huge presence at the market in Rungis, the IDEC GROUP has positioned itself to become a reference for food factories. With three expert companies (CECIA, IDEC AGRO & FACTORY, GEDOUIN INGENIERIE), the Group has built more than 1000 projects in France and abroad with almost 100 staff dedicated to this sector. From the construction of Europe’s largest baby milk production factory in Brittany to the construction of a poultry slaughterhouse in Morocco, the IDEC GROUP has been working alongside those involved in the food sector for almost forty years offering turnkey projects or working as a project manager.

Trust the IDEC GROUP with your food sector property projects

With around ten agencies in France and several abroad, in particular in Switzerland, Britain and Asia, the IDEC GROUP offers all-round support to the food industry from the start of their project through its design and construction. Dairy produce, meats, seafood, fruit and vegetables… the IDEC GROUP designs and builds new  constructions, carries out renovation work and builds extensions from several hundred square metres to more than 50,000 m². Our teams look forward to seeing you on stand n°24 to talk about all of your industrial property projects.

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